About Us

Christine and Dave.

We are an adventurous couple who both love to travel. We met while living and working in Singapore, and recently decided to take a year out of our careers and go looking for some new adventures.

Christine is a Canadian from Halifax, Nova Scotia and is a dentist.

Dave is an Australian from Melbourne, and works as a mechanical engineer in the oil and gas industry.

We still consider Singapore as ‘home’, and plan on returning there once we have finished our travels. In fact, we have a lovely friend taking care of our apartment there so that we can move straight back in when we are done.

We started our year of adventure in March of 2012 with two major treks in Nepal, followed by travels through Sri Lanka, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France and the UK. While we loved this time, we started to see that jumping from one tourist sight to the next with all of the other travellers was not  exactly we wanted to do with the rest of our year. So we started looking for other options that would let us do more of what we wanted to do… and driving from Canada to Argentina in our own campervan was the answer we came up with!

We have our bikes on the back, and hiking boots in the van, and plan to use them as often as possible as we hop from one National Park to another on our way South.

Unfortunately our van will only be making a one way trip with us, so if anyone is interested in meeting us in Argentina and driving our trip in reverse just let us know!

4 responses to “About Us

  1. Jenny

    Hey Groovers…where am I??? Hope all is well…..I’m enjoying the blog!!

  2. Hi Christine and Dave, great site!

    It would be great to add your site to OverlandSphere, just let us know or register directly on the site.

    Safe Travels

    Martin & Nicole

    • Hi Martin and Nicole,
      Please feel free to add anything from our site (toargentinablog.wordpress.com) to yours!
      We are always looking for new information, and can see that your site has a lot os useful information for us.

      Best regards,
      David & Christine

  3. Hi both, if you are still checking this page, I would like to email you with a question about your van. You can email me at pauladear72@gmail.com

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