The Plan

As we only started planning this trip about a month before we hit the road we had very little detailed trip planning done. Now that we are on the road we still have very little detail trip planning, so tend to be making it up as we go along!

If you have any recommendations on places we should be visiting then please drop us a note as we need all the advice we can get  🙂

We’ve included a couple of maps here which show our very general intentions.

North and Central Americas

We plan to cross Canada fairly quickly (a few weeks), and do it without dropping down into America. Once we hit Vancouver we will turn left and start heading South through the Washington, Oregon and Californian states. We have no real idea about Washington or Oregon, so will probably just follow the coast, which everyone tells us is amazing. Once we hit California we hope to visit San Francisco, and then spend a few weeks exploring the famous national parks (Yosemite, Sequoia, Joshua Tree, Grand Canyon etc) and of course check out Vegas while in the area.

We are really looking forward to getting into Mexico, and hope that we will be able to spend up to a couple of months exploring, and maybe even fit in some scuba diving and Spanish language course while there. If we have time between stuffing ourselves on Mexican foods!!

Once (or  if?) we leave Mexico we plan to travel fairly quickly through Central America to Panama, where we will have to put Ginger into a container and have her shipped across to Columbia.

South America

Our plans for South America are even less defined than North America. We know of a few places that we definitely don’t want to miss, and plan to stay on the Western side of the continent, and hope to get right to the bottom…

We have heard amazing things about Columbia and Argentina, so will probably concentrate our time on those, but who knows, if we find a beautiful beach or cool little town we might just be tempted to stop for while.

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