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New Bloggers!

Welcome to our new blog!

When we first decided to take a year and see the world a lot of friends and family asked if we would be keeping a blog, to which the quick answer was always no. We thought putting some of our better photos onto facebook would suffice to keep people up to date on our adventures.

However, after a major change of travel plans, and having decided to keep our own diary anyway, as well as enjoying and learning from so many other bloggers great sites, we have decided to give it a go. No promises on how frequently we will update, but we will do our best, and truly hope to get some news and a few pics up every week.

So, we have been in Canada for exactly a month now. A bit longer than planned, but we have been busy.  We have had some great times with Christines family, including a week on Prince Edward Island with her parents.


Enjoying a fresh pot of mussels by the ocean

Fire on the jetty

Enjoying a fire on Margs jetty

PEI camping

Camping on PEI

The other major accomplishment is the purchase of our new campervan, which will hopefully carry us without breakdown all the way to Ushuaia in Argentina. We are planning on taking the next 8 months to get there (12 to 15 months if you ask Dave…), and will live in our new van as we go.

The new van

Christine and our new van at the end of the Cabot trail.

We will add some more information regarding the van in a separate page for those that are interested.

We had quite a scare at the start of the week when we put her in for a basic service and oil change etc at a large mechanics (part of a franchise chain). They rang us after only having her for an hour, and asked us to come down for a private chat… basically they thought that the underbody corrosion and some ‘at home’ repairs by the previous owners put her in a state beyond reasonable repair.  They knew we had just bought her, and felt a bit sorry for us I think, as they didn’t charge us anything for the time they spent, and sent us on our way with a gentle consolatory pat on the back.

Thankfully we didn’t just put her down then and there (though the thoughts were there), but booked her into a more local mechanic, who is known to work on older vehicles to get a second opinion. Thankfully they thought she was in great condition for her age. They changed a faulty O2 sensor, replaced a couple of shocks, tidied up some brake lines, and a few other minor repairs and wished us all the best with our trip!

So the lesson learnt here is to look for mechanics that have some experience with older vehicles, and don’t just do oil and filter changes on newer vehicles.

So, the van needs to go back to the mechanics for a couple of hours on Monday morning, but as soon as that’s done we should be on our way.

First stop is Fundy National Park, where they have the highest tides in the world!

Check back soon to see how the start of our trip went.


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