The Van

We are driving a 1988 Dodge RamVan, which was converted when new into a camper by Roadtrek. She is fully fitted out with a fridge, 2 burner stove, microwave oven, tank water and pump, as well as a flushing toilet (liquids only please!).

We haven’t made any major modifications to her, but did have her inspected and serviced before we hit the road, which included new rear shocks and brakes, as well as a new O2 sensor for the engine.

Inside the van we have added a small table at the front, which can be used with the front seats so that we can leave the rear bed (also a dinette) permanently set up as a bed. We also installed a new power outlet so we can play our music and run the GPS etc, and mounted a small safe to keep our valuable safe while in the van.


3 responses to “The Van

  1. Sherry

    And her name is??!!

  2. heidi

    Your dad sent me your news and the blog – firstly congratulations and secondly OMG I am very envious seeing your amazing pictures!! good for you. love Heidi in Blighty x

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