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Soggy start!

We finally left Halifax! We said our ‘goodbyes’ and hit the road around midday on Tuesday.

Leaving time

All packed and ready to go!

We had an uneventful drive to Fundy National Park in New Brunswick. We settled in to our camp site and had a lovely fire complete with marshmallows and a celebratory bottle of wine.

Christine at the wheel

We woke the next day to rain, rain and more rain. It pretty much rained all day. This gave us time to get more acquainted with the inside of our van, as well as her newly discovered leaks. Nothing too serious but still a nuisance that needs to be fixed.

We’ve also naturally found out what the name of our van is:  “Ginger Lee”. This is her name as well as the style of driving we have to do with her. It also nicely matches the 70’s style red shag carpetting inside 🙂

We did get to see the famous tides of the Bay of Fundy, which can have a height fluctuation of up to 16 metres! Here is a picture of Point Wolf (where we camped) at high tide and then again at low tide.

High tide

Low tide – we went walking down there.

We then headed a tiny bit backwards (i.e. back East), to Shediac, New Brunswick to meet up with my parents (Christines) who were camping at Parlee Beach Provincial Park. We spent the afternoon enjoying the beach and then went out for lobster rolls and a bit of sightseeing. This included seeing the worlds biggest lobster. At night we had a fire with all the fixings.

Ginger crossing a covered bridge in the park

Exploring the great beach in Shediac

The worlds biggest lobster!

Checking out Shediac with the Berrigans


Friday was our first big driving day (600km). And “Ginger Lee” did great! A bit slow up a couple of the hills but she always pulled through. We had all the seasons for weather as well, from hot and sunny, to teeming rain and thunder meaning  we were hardly able to see. We also gained another province, as well as gained an extra hour with the time difference.

We had planned to hunker down in Riviere du Loup but the Provincial park there was full (long weekend apparently???) so we carried on and made it to a campground in Saint-Alexandre de Kamouraska.

Tomorrow we are planning to drive in to Quebec City, where we will have a couple of nights and time to explore the town, and hopefully  ride along the river etc. We are hoping to stay at a campground near the city, but don’t have a booking, so may be trying out Walmarts parking lot for the first time!


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