A quick Cancun update

A very easy driving week

We left Chichen Itza and drove towards Cancun stopping only at the prison outside Valladolid to pick up a hammock. They are all double weave, great quality and made on site by the prisoners. It can take up to a couple of months to make one huge one! But I guess they do have a bit of time…

Christine testing out the new hammock

We drove right into Cancun and onto the little spit of land/sand where all the fancy hotels are located. Parked Ginger on the street and found a public access to the beach. Beautiful! So different than the Pacific Coast with the spectacular turquoise colour here. Also different in temperature – definitely a few degrees chillier, though we aren’t complaining!

The main beach in Cancun

We checked out a couple of camping options on the highway heading south away from Cancun. The Paa Mul campsite just a little bit south of Playa del Carmen did the trick for the night. It had a nice pool and restaurant/bar but it was like we were camping in the parking lot. After a night at the bar listening to the permanent resident RV’ers try and do Karaoke we decided to look for more options. And we were so happy we did! We stumbled upon La Playa Beach Club while checking out a spot next door. Nothing fancy and bare basic amenities but it has power and water and is on the most gorgeous, pristine beach.

Ginger-Lee all set up for relaxing!

We are hunkered down here for a total of 5 or more days most likely. The longest stop in one place since we left Halifax! Dave left on Wednesday and is now back in Melbourne for his brother’s wedding and to catch up with family and friends. Christine’s sister Rita also arrived into Cancun on Wednesday for 9 days. And the latest news is that Christine’s parents will be joining the party to keep Christine company and for a bit of an escape from the Nova Scotia winter.

The beach and bar where Christine and Rita will be forced to spend the start of the week….


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3 responses to “A quick Cancun update

  1. Peter Moore

    Looks as if you found a great spot to relax for a while with the family! Dave arrived safely yesterday in Melbourne, a bit travel weary, but now sleeping it off. Pete

  2. Looking forward to seeing you and Rita next week.



  3. Madeleine

    Ginger Lee looks really comfortable waiting for the fun to begin. So glad that Dave made it to Melbourne safely. And so glad that our bionic girl made all her connections and found you 30 mins early. That was a real marathon. Have a wonderful week.

    Love you, Christine and Rita and miss you Dave !
    Love Mom

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