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Canyons and beaches

A rough guife to where we’ve been this week.

After Los Barriles we prepared ourselves to go to the big tourist and resort areas of Los Cabos (meaning “the capes”). It’s made made up of San Jose Del Cabo and the Cabo San Lucas. Loads of huge ‘all inclusive’ resorts but not that many campgrounds, surprise surprise! We did manage to get a crappy expensive one for a night. We explored the tourist areas and beaches and could see why it would be so popular – beautiful!

The beach and resorts at Cabo San Lucas (we had to sneak through a resort to get here)

We kept on going however and made it to the more quiet Pacific Coast and Todos Santos, famous for surfing and big waves. We even stayed at a real ‘surf camp’ but didn’t get inspired to try it.

The last of the 191 baby turtles released that morning

We returned to La Paz on Tuesday to arrange our ferry tickets to get to the mainland. No sweat as we had already checked out the office and price plus gotten our permits for Ginger long ago at the border. We arranged for the ferry for 2 days later, Thursday, and then headed to hang out on the beach in La Ventana while we waited. Tough life! It was recommended by a Canadian couple (Albertans we met while waiting out the hurricane) and did not disappoint. There were probably at least 25 other RV’s all decked out for the impending season of wind. Mostly retirees and all avid wind surfers or kite surfers plus they biked, played volleyball, etc… Super active bunch. We stuck to our biking and swimming but did join them for their happy hour and got some good advice for our travels.

Finding private beaches on our bikes

More beautiful beaches in Mexico!

We made it to the ferry on Thursday and it left on time at 2:30pm and everything! It was a 6+ hour ride but really comfortable, except for a bit of wave action – blagh. Having a margarita probably didn’t help matters. We got off about 10pm and, taking many people’s advice, found a spot in the ferry terminal parking lot to settle in for the night. Secure and surprisingly quiet once all the trucks left.
Friday we drove east in search of a suitable camping site. We did a drive by on two RV parks that looked all closed up/atrocious but eventually did find a hotel that also had a few spots for RV’s. By no means was it flash! They opened up a room for us to use the facilities (only cold water!). We arranged to leave the van there for a couple of nights while we took the famous Chihuahua al Pacífico (ChePe for short) train into Copper Canyon. A 7 hour ride.

A quick stop for lunch

The Copper Canyon is overall larger than Grand Canyon and has some deeper areas with 6 rivers all draining into the Sea of Cortez. And it was chilly up there, with a low of about 4 C! We stayed for 2 nights and did a bit of exploring.

Checking out the local handicrafts

Christine on the edge

Another edge walk

Chrsitine and Copper Canyon

Catching the ‘Teleferico’ into the Canyon

Exploring around the canyons

The native people here are Tarahumara/Rarámuri. They are famous for their ability to run long distances, historically running up to 320km in a single session over a couple of days! They have a famous ultramarathon here every year. It was the weekend and there were lots of celebrations and activities including running races for every age, shape and size. Some even wore the traditional running garb.

A local runner, with shoes made from old car tires

Trying the local foods – Great!

We were reunited with the van on Monday and left for Mazatlan early Tuesday morning. We got there in time so we could check out a service station that had bee recommended on the Internet. American trained mechanic with excellent English. That’s what we’re in need of because we require some brake work in the front and our temperature gauge has recently gone beserk.

She is with the mechanics now….  Wish us luck!

The beach and sunset in Mazatlan

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