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Crossing Ontario

On Saturday we got to Quebec City and got in at the handy KOA campground, so still haven’t had to try out the Walmart car park. The KOA was quite a huge place, crammed with a full house of all different types of campers. A lot different to the more ‘au natural’ national and provincial campgrounds we’re used to. But it did the job and we went into the city by shuttle bus on Sunday. A very hot 31C but felt like 39C with the humidity. We wandered around and saw all the big sights like the Citadel, Chateau Frontenac and the old city. Lots going on and the city was a buzz with people. A very nice day, albeit sweaty! Quebec City certainly felt like being in a foreign city, especially with everyone speaking French.

Our first view of Quebec city

Looking for those darn Frenchies!!

Chateau Frontenac

Off duty by the looks of it…

Christine in the old city

On Monday we had our biggest driving day yet. We drove close to 700km and made it all the way to Algonquin National Park in Ontario. So yet another province under our belt – four in one week! It was a long day but not too painful, with minimal hills and our audiobook (Hunger Games) to help keep us alert.

Just cruising in Ginger Lee

We got a great site in Pog Lake Campground and settled in for a couple of days. The next day we were up reasonably early (too early for Dave!) to get on our bikes and do the Old Railway bike trail.

Our camp at Pog lake

Dave – not an early start fan…

It was a bit overcast with a few sputterings of rain but nothing that stopped us. The trail itself is a converted rail line so not very difficult but we did manage to do about 30+km so our legs are a bit sore. The park contains hundreds of lakes, with interconnecting streams and marshes everywhere! It was quite strange to see canoes passing over the bike trail on peoples heads as they portage from one lake or stream to another! We also had a good day with natures beasts, spotting otter, deer, woodpecker, chipmunks.

Along the old rail trail

One of the Algonquin locals

Christine on the rail trail

We also saw two birds (quail??) on the road yesterday, but unfortunately they are no longer with us…. oops…

We even managed to get in a couple loads of laundry and get some housekeeping done in the van, as well as our usual evening of Spanish lessons and a movie in bed.

Yesterday was a long day. We got packed up and went down the road to do a hike to Booth Rock. It took a couple of hours and had a great view at the top from a cliff.

The view from Booth rock over the lakes in Algonquin Park

The view from Booth rock

We didn’t get on the road until the afternoon and then drove all the way to Sault Ste Marie where we were intending to get a few hours sleep in the local Walmart parking lot. However on our way we checked on the internet and found that it was not on the ‘camper friendly’ list. So plan B was to find a truck stop where you were able to park overnight. We found one right before Sault Ste Marie and made ourselves comfortable in the back parking lot. It was a bit noisy but we managed to get a few hours of sleep.

Our late driving night into an amazing sunset

Ginger with her overnight trucking buddies

On the road early again after a quick coffee and breakfast, and a quick coffee in McDonalds to update the blog!


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